The reason why I named this picture backbone is because manufacturing and logistics is how this area in St Paul near the railways has developed. It is also how America developed in the past decades, using these trucks to deliver large quantity of goods to stores around the country.

Adventure in the everyday passageway


When crossing the Minneapolis skyways, the complete window coverage on either side and the signs with an image of water as their background give off the feeling that one is walking through an aquarium tunnel or a river. For corporate workers walking through these corridors on their way to lunch or their car, I would imagine that this would attach a sense of adventure and grandeur to what could be just a routine convenience.

Continuing success of a growth machine


When trying to justify the expense and disruption of megaprojects, many point to large events that draw outside visitors and capital. The costly and visually imposing US Bank Stadium was celebrated for drawing tens of thousands of visitors to attend the 2018 Super Bowl, and, according to the large sign on the side of the stadium, many more spectators can be expected next year at the NCAA Final Four.

Slip ‘n Slide


I forget sometimes, on our perfectly manicured campus, that other sidewalks are not always so well cleared.  To be fair to this patch, it wasn’t really that bad and was most likely an outlier among its surroundings because of being on a bridge.  However, it still made life interesting.  I thought I was going down at one point.

City on the River


As a grand finale of the semester, this is a shot of the downtown Minneapolis skyline from one of my favorite angles. In the foreground is the Mississippi River and Central Avenue Bridge, in the back is the central office core of Minneapolis.  With the shear number of construction projects slated to begin construction in early 2019 (most notably the “Eleven”, “Alia”, and “Gateway” towers), this view is bound to change.

After Hours


The western end of the Minneapolis CBD on a cool, damp, eerie, foggy work-night at approximately 2am.  The major office buildings and condo towers of downtown shut off most of their decorative exterior display lights after midnight, leaving the streets as the primary source of light.