Apartments off Raymond and University

One of the many historic loft apartment complexes off of Raymond and University. These complexes are all over and seem to complement the cultivated “hipster” aesthetic of the area with the tattoo shop, coffee shops, and record store. It felt very inauthentic to me, especially because the area along the LRT immediately before this is pretty low income.


The Rose from I-94

The Rose, to me, seems like an apology for the disruptive construction of I-94. It’s even located right by the highway, which I think is noteworthy because most people don’t like to live next to an interstate highway (lots of noise). Here is an image of the Rose from an I-94 overpass.I94 and the rose.jpg

Charlestown Estates


“This housing brought to you without government subsidy.” I noticed an interesting contrast between apartments and homes south of East 26th street on Stevens Avenue and North, where the Minneapolis College of Arts and Design is located. Tons of development present in the background.