Apartments off Raymond and University

One of the many historic loft apartment complexes off of Raymond and University. These complexes are all over and seem to complement the cultivated “hipster” aesthetic of the area with the tattoo shop, coffee shops, and record store. It felt very inauthentic to me, especially because the area along the LRT immediately before this is pretty low income.


Seasonality of open spaces is for wimps


In many open spaces, such as Macalester’s Bateman Plaza, the free and publically-available furniture is removed for the winter. This is understandable, considering that Minnesota has rather uninviting weather for its very long winter. However, on sunny days or earlier-than-expected spring weather days, Macalester students are left without a place to congregate with their friends outside. I find it both amusing and admirable that the city of Minneapolis has decided to leave this furniture out despite the inclement weather, in case anyone decides it’s a nice day to sit outside.