The Rose from I-94

The Rose, to me, seems like an apology for the disruptive construction of I-94. It’s even located right by the highway, which I think is noteworthy because most people don’t like to live next to an interstate highway (lots of noise). Here is an image of the Rose from an I-94 overpass.I94 and the rose.jpg

Commercial/Residential Boundary


While Summit Avenue is purely residential, Cleveland Ave is a narrower street with limited commercial development, but this commercial development is very close to other houses, as can be seen in this picture. Here, a Tudor Revival house is right behind a gas station.

The Present


The development that can be seen around the river in this photo is a literal reshaping of this landscape. Installation of more condos and housing units to accommodate Minneapolis’s growing population indicates a present desire to live in this region. Also in this photograph, one can see hydro power being generated by the river, which is becoming desirable due to increased environmental concerns and resource scarcity. To have access to renewable energy is becoming more sought-after, which may be one explanation for the current influx of people wanting to live near the river.