Hill at Prospect Park

Hill in Prospect Park

I enjoyed walking around Prospect Park even though the weather made it a little muddy. From here I could see the cute houses around Prospect Park, University Avenue down below, and cars on the highway far in the background (you can see the red and blue billboard above the roof of this house).

Construction Along 7th St.

Construction Along 7th St.

This is an interesting cross-section of St. Paul, with a construction site (for what? we don’t know), then parking garages and an older maybe once-industrial building, then an old church, and recently built office and residential buildings in the background.

Wildflower Spiral

Wildflower Spiral

I love this park! In the spring and summer the chairs are usually scattered around and the park looks more lively. Also in this view you can see the converted industrial building across the street and the newer parking structure and office buildings in the background.