Field in front of MIA. Really appreciated the open space and stillness after this past week, felt great to just pause.

Charlestown Estates


“This housing brought to you without government subsidy.” I noticed an interesting contrast between apartments and homes south of East 26th street on Stevens Avenue and North, where the Minneapolis College of Arts and Design is located. Tons of development present in the background.

Raymond Avenue Station


View from Raymond Avenue Station. Considering St. Paul’s plans to reimagine this area as a “creative enterprise zone”, I can’t help but wonder as to how much longer this view will exist. Other industrial buildings in the surrounding neighborhood have recently been demolished to make room for affordable housing and new business.



The Urban Flower Field, at the corner of Robert and 10th street, describes itself as “an intersection of art, science and a civic progress.” I found the project particularly pleasing to look at and after later reading the online description of the project (which I advise you to do, it’s rather interesting) came away with an appreciation beyond that of the solely aesthetic.



Statue of Native American man located in Cochran Park. While it could be posited that the security camera is present to deter vandals, the location of the statue (incredibly affluent neighborhood,) the location of the camera (in the yard of a daunting mansion) and the statue itself taken together suggest something entirely different.