Housing on the Green Line

IMG_1319.JPGThese apartment buildings are tucked in just south of University Avenue between Snelling and Fairview. I took this picture because I wasn’t expecting to see them there; housing manifests itself in many different forms and places and sometimes pops up in surprising places. (although, on further thought, it makes a lot of sense to put housing here!)

mill city museum field trip


the city past: st. anthony falls is the locus around which minneapolis arose. how has the urban life of the city revolved and evolved around this district for the past 150 years?

the city present: mixed use parking ramp ? how do we balance the (ostensible) need for parking with the desire to have a built, walkable city? is this the answer?

the city future: looking forward to 2030 when lime rolls out their dockless pedestrian model and i get to pay $3 to use the sidewalk (ok, but seriously: i think lime provides a valuable service in making alternative forms of transportation accessible, but also to a certain degree monetizes public space / evades regulatory measures. AND i’m not convinced that dockless will actually shape the way we get around, but it IS new and exciting!)