The Future is in St. Anthony

While I walked around St. Anthony yesterday I saw the the future of transportation. Segways. Dozens, all together, lining the inside of a shop. Right on the other side of the river from the Mill Museum. Only a short time until they’re here in St. Paul.

Trying to Sell an Idea


While reading The Growler, on brewing in my dorm, I was bombarded with adds of Minnesota United. Literally every other add was about the comradery this sports team will bring to the neighborhood. The group I was in talked a lot about whether of not the promises made were real, or empty. The diverseness of the add makes me think otherwise. Check out the September addition of the Growler @ Sencha.

How Cars Changed the Mill District

As I walked down the Mill District there was remnants of the time for trains and street cars. However, the restoration of the neighborhood choose to build itself off of automobiles, train depots turned into parking lots, buildings knocked down for the same purpose all throughout the neighborhood.  Businesses on wheels such as a coffee truck are all around feeding the neighborhood and those who work at the nearby Valsper. The structure was similar but the purpose and use has been turned on its head.