Suzanna’s Final Video

For my final video I researched the Hmong community in The Twin Cities and looked at the difficulties that comes with resettling a community in a very different economic landscape from the one they are used to back home. Enjoy!!!

Peace, Love, Urban Geography <33333

Transportation In The Twin Cities Past, Present, And Future

I was not able to go on the field trip but instead took my inspiration from various means of transportation I’ve seen while taking walks  through the cities in the last week.img_0939

Past: This is a picture of the dam near the Mill City Museum. Water was a huge indicator of old transportation and the way it’s been restored to still hold the grittiness and functionality of the dam is something that I find fascinating.


 Future: Sky Ride at Minnesota State Fair. At the State Fair one of the ways of getting around was by taking a ride in these sky pods that took you across the entire fairground. It’s a fascinating idea for transportation in an increasingly airborne era. 



Present: Blue Line Light Rail Stop. Despite this being taken on a hot Monday morning in the early fall, to me this shows how people still can feel conflicted on whether or not to take public transportation, even in a time where it is more accessible than ever before. There were no people at the stop and just a handful on the train despite it being one of the fastest and most efficient means of transportation that we have.