Mural of the Working Class

Another side of the buildings off Carleton. I don’t know how long this mural has been here, but I’ve seen it ever since I got to the twin cities in 2017.


Colorful Alleys

One of the many alleys of off the primarily empty parking lots along Carleton, off university. The back of the newer buildings seem to be pretty generic, but the alleys with older buildings have much more character, like these ones.


Plentiful Space off Raymond and University

One of the many huge, and seemingly empty, parking lots behind the business right off the Raymond green line stop. Parking here did not seem scarce as it did further down university by Mackubin, where we talked to business owners who were very upset about how lack of parking had affected their businesses. The difference between just a few stops was an interesting juxtaposition.


Blue Moon Cafe on E Lake St.

Blue Moon Cafe is a beautiful community space on Lake street sort of surrounded by more commercial type businesses. It made me think about the intentionality that some spaces create and how community feels more welcome in some places simply because of their built physical environment.


University and Raymond Alleys

We explored some alleys behind the business along Raymond and University. I found it interesting that the storefronts maintained a very cohesive aesthetic, albeit varying slightly. However, in the alleys, the buildings seemed to have the same silhouette and architectural components.


King Milan’s on Mackubin and University

A black barber shop owned and operated by members of the local community. On our journey for Project 2, we focused a lot on community spaces and who was gathering where. This seemed to be a place of community – many people were gathered who were not getting haircuts, discussing any variety of things. The owner talked to us about his feelings on the green line.




Houses of Hague

Dutch colonial on our walk farther down Hague. We forgot to take a picture, but the back of the house had some more modern architectural elements that looked out of place, suggesting recent minor renovation.


Public Art

Public Art from Bloomington Central Station. We spent awhile trying to ascertain it’s purpose and placement but did not come up with much. Seemed to add to the gradient of nature to development we noticed starting from the hotels to the blue line. IMG_0286