The reason why I named this picture backbone is because manufacturing and logistics is how this area in St Paul near the railways has developed. It is also how America developed in the past decades, using these trucks to deliver large quantity of goods to stores around the country.



These skyways in Downtown Minneapolis were built for people to walk from one buildings to buildings when it is well below freezing outside in winter. It connects most of the buildings around the downtown area.

Old meets new


Pictured is the Minneapolis City Hall built in 1888. It is of Richardsonian-style architecture. To its right in the picture is the US Bank Stadium built in 2016, of modern-style architecture. A comparison between these two shows us how the architecture style has evolved over the span of years, as well as the difference in materials — from using stones and wood to steel and glass.

Literally a spruce tree?


Spruce Tree Center is located at the corner of University and Snelling. Though it was meant to resemble a spruce tree, one might argue that it is ugly and it did not achieve its goal. Nevertheless, it is a unique structure set between dozens of industrialized, boxed-style architecture and it provides a fresh perspective.

A new style of beauty


Concrete based ground for rails coupled with modern architecture in the back, this is a distinct feature of the American cities in the previous decades. It created a new standard of beauty that builds on the basis of simplicity and pragmatism, and it has since appealed the mass.