Past, Present and Future


Past: The vestige of the railroad which is no longer functioned is the best example I found that has profoundly shaped the past city.The railroad serve as the vessel of the industrial zone within the city by carrying in and out the commercial goods as well as workers. Therefore, the railroad witnessed the formation and thrive of not only the mill factory, but also the origin of Minneapolis.


Present: The Mill City museum is a good representation of people’s present life. The glass building built on the historical vestige not only signals the progress people made in the development of the city, but also acknowledges that the development people made so far is grounded in people’s reflection of the past.


Future: In an era driven by automobiles, the energy shortage, rising emission of greenhouse gases, and the pollution caused by human activities all force people to live in a more sustainable and green way. The bicycles in the picture may be one of the solutions that may lead to a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle in the future.