Past: In this image, past and present are juxtaposed, with recent condominium developments positioned next to the remanent facade of the burned down Gold Medal flour factory. As our guide mentioned, the landscape bespeaks the danger of the city: the decaying ruins of the factory tell us of the daily risks experienced as a consequence of development. Foregrounded in this image, are also the railway tracks of old, which were pivotal in facilitating the movement of resources like coal and flour vital to the industry.


Present: The skyline consists of tall skyscrapers, constructed of material like glass and steel that reflect the surroundings. This is a city’s surest sign of development and communicates the metropolitan character of downtown Minneapolis. People walking across the bridge also speak about urban life in Minneapolis – it is vibrant, and while a city, has an active pedestrian and biking culture, creating a great dynamism between urban and nature.


Future: Algae grows in the Mississippi flowing through the ruins adjacent to the Gold Medal Museum. This image almost seems like it could be found in a dystopian scene – a city in decay. While downtown Minneapolis has not reached such an extent, it is possible that industry’s continued expansion into environment will cause irreversible damage.