Art in Little Earth

Public art in little earth is themed around protest, beauty and native representation. It seems to echo community values in a public way, and project them to outsiders.

A Kenwood Home

We visited kenwood twice on our field adventure, once accidentally and once on purpose. While there, we noted the large lots and large, modern homes. For technically being part of the metro area, it sure felt like a rich suburb.


There were whole sections of streets in the Mt. Airy community with homes that looked like these: brand new, unfinished, identical. These show an intentionally planned space, not an organic one. It reminded me a lot of fordist type construction and the suburbs, even though this isn’t quite the same. wrapped.jpg

Empty Spaces

A large empty parking lot near Bloomington Central Station. The expanse of unused space suggests low demand for land. Also, the parking spaces reflect the expectation/necessity that cars will be used to travel to this area. 

Adapted Parking

A small parking lot in Lowertown. This lot looks as though it was meant for a building originally, not cars. This makes sense because this area was built before auto transportation, and had to be adapted to make space for cars.