A Building for a Better Future


The Rondo Community Library at the corner of Dale and University has become a fantastic resource center for the Rondo Neighborhood. The library provides a space for community members to access computers, printers, and spaces for local organizations to meet. In addition, the building has hoses several floors of low-income apartments above the library itself. 

Idealizing Eco-friendly History


These newly renovated lofts and flats are just west of the Raymond light rail transit station. They are advertised as both “green” and “historic.” Two features that are currently very attractive to millennial’s looking to rent apartments.

Green Grass on the Other Side of the Fence


Directly across the street from the Raymond Avenue light rail station is a newly renovated apartment complex called the Carlton Place Lofts. It is connected to the lyric apartment building and is a location where up and coming artists can live in proximity to a location where they can display their artwork. The black fence in this image runs along the sidewalk of Raymond Avenue and prevents pedestrians from walking onto the beautiful green grass between the apartment buildings. It is clear that this is not public space for everyone.

A Wall of Icons


In downtown Minneapolis, just a few blocks away from the junction of the green and blue light rail lines sits the iconic 1st Ave. Theater. For many St. Paul and Minneapolis locals this is one of the very first venues they will attend a concert at. On the flip-side for many local artists, performing at first Avenue is seen as the first step on the road to making it big. As can be seen in the picture, some of the very greatest musicians of all time such as Prince, REM and Nirvana have all performed at First Avenue.

Growth Machines at Play

Growth machines

One block north of University Avenue just behind the Wright Building sits this empty plot of land. Or rather in till recently it was an empty plot of land that was once used to park trucks while they waited to be loaded from the surrounding warehouses. It is now going to be turned into new apartment buildings just a short walk from the Raymond light rail station. As this sign shows the design of the building is similar to that of the lyric and other more modern apartment buildings. The side of the banner shows all of the financial contributors to this development.

The Old Line in the Sand

An old line in the sand

This building is located just a few hundred feet west of the Raymond light rail station. I’ve noticed it several times over the years while driving down University Avenue and once asked my mother why it said both St. Paul and Minneapolis on. Apparently this building once sat directly on the border between St. Paul and Minneapolis and they decided to commemorate this unique location through the writing on the building. The fact that the door is off centered while the rest of the building is symmetrical. Perhaps to indicate that when it was constructed its mailing address was actually in Minneapolis whereas now it’s in St. Paul.

The Fountain in the Fall

The fountain in the fall

Irvine Park is surrounded on all sides by gorgeous old Victorian homes. It is obvious from the first moment that you enter this area that extensive attention has been paid to every anesthetic detail of the space. Everything from the placement of the trees to the orientation of the fountain in relation to the paths was carefully planned out. Additionally given the massive size of the trees in the park was clearly designed a long time ago implying that this area has been relatively wealthy for quite some time.

Big Buildings, Small People

big buildings small people

When I entered Rice Park I was immediately struck by the number of people sitting on the benches who appeared to be homeless. This image captures the massive scale of the buildings on all sides of Rice Park. I hope it illustrates the incredible disparity of investment between places of work and those excluded from the working realm.