This image shows people boarding the Greenline during off-peak hours. Surrounding the station are various businesses, profiting from the movement of commuters in the area. The station also serves as a haven from the rain and cold.

Red Bricks, Blue Sky

This image was taken at the intersection of Wacouta and 5th avenue. I really liked how striking the building looked against the blue sky.  The building is very large, symmetrical and uniform. I imagine it used to look intimidating, particularly in the morning or evening before/after work.


An Eye Opener

This image was taken at the roundabout west of the Bloomington Central Station. Is it an eye, a halo or a crown? I am not too sure but I feel it symbolizes power and opportunity. Regardless of its true meaning, when you see it you get to thinking. The work serves as a testament to how art can be used to both represent and impose perceptions of urban spaces.



Transportation function as both a stimulator and product of growth. Similar to how dendrites receive and transmit information from cell to cell, urban transportation provides a mode of communication between nodes of development.