A Tale of Two Cities: Water and Development


This image depicts the future of the cities. The Guthrie theater will likely be a large part of the cities future, however it may also set the scene for a new kind of architecture to emerge. One that preserves and references the development of the Twin Cities along the powerful Mississippi River, while building new cultural centers that repurpose the land along the Mississippi for future generations. 


Present day: The cities are shaped by the fluid congruence of old and new landscapes. This photo is riddled with old mills, and the wooded street references the past. However, amidst this historical place, one can clearly see the present day city in the form of cars, bikes, paved roads and newer construction in the distance. 


This photo highlights how the city was shaped in its past. The beautiful stone arch bridge crosses the Mississippi River at a gentle curve. And although pleasing to the eye, the bridge was build in such a manner as to preserve the industry of the mills, forever shaping the layout and aesthetic of this region of the cities.