A young life stolen


Several ghost bikes can be found along West River Road.  Here is one recently placed in memorial to one of my high school classmates who passed away this fall.  Rest in peace, June.

Godly light


I was slightly disgusted at the way the sun was breaking through the clouds the day we visited US Bank stadium, as it seemed to cast an angelic appearance to an otherwise devilish development!!!!! Something interesting was that the field study told as that the area had been changing a lot in the past few years, so naturally Alex and Eliza asked me how, since I’m from there, and I could only give kind of vague answers, as I just kind of remembers the area as being concrete nothingness.


Alex, Eliza, and me with St. Nikolas at the Swedish Institute.  The three of us stopped in but couldn’t find much about the history of the museum or mansion (without entering the exhibits you had to pay for) so I’m still confused about why it’s there.  However it does get frequented a lot as many Minnesotans have Nordic heritage, myself included.

Medicine Wheel


The medicine wheel is a prominent symbol displayed around Little Earth and represents the four directions and four stages of life.  Here it is shown outside the early learning center.  There are quite a few services seen around Little Earth, such as the subsidized housing, a home for elderly American Indians, a van that transports folks from Little Earth to a nonprofit health and advocacy program, and this center shown.  However, I can’t speak for the rest of the services, but last time I was in the learning center for a community meeting it could stand to use an upgrade.