Can You Leave Your Bubble?

This is a cool interactive map by the Washington Post. Not everyone has the privilege to leave their bubble, but if you can, this tells you where to go. Talk about rural-urban divide!

Milling About

Looking up at a modern 6 story condo building with red colored balconies and porch plants.

Perhaps the future of all industrial areas, once again, belongs to the wealthy. Condos built with bricks from the past house those that live in the next up and coming neighborhood.

Looking up at 4 cylindrical grain elevators that support the yellow Gold Medal Flour sign.

The sun sets on the “best flour in the world” era. The empty grain elevators stand as a monument to the industry that built Minneapolis.

A view of the yellow Gold Medal Flour sign framed by the modern glass building of the Mill City Museum

Minneapolis works to preserve its past by incorporating it into current economic enterprises. The widely recognized symbol of Minneapolis, the Gold Medal Flour sign, is framed by the museum it calls home.