What you don’t see when you pass by Marshall ave on Snelling


You know those train tracks on Marshall? Well next time you’re out and want to look at some graffiti, come check it out.

In case you were wondering


Taken near the East side of Allianz stadium. Perhaps intended for the public or maybe a reminder for workers. What’s odd is the main worker head quarters is on the west side (opposite side) where workers ought to have walked through in order to get to the east side.

Twins? At least not anymore.


Taken in Chicago’s Noble Square. Stumbled upon these two buildings on my way to Goose Island. Reminded of the Romanesque warehouses on Wacouta Street in St. Paul, typified by its signature red brick and arched windows. It appears the building on the lefts windows must have been remolded recently judging by the square windows and the off red brick.