City on the River


As a grand finale of the semester, this is a shot of the downtown Minneapolis skyline from one of my favorite angles. In the foreground is the Mississippi River and Central Avenue Bridge, in the back is the central office core of Minneapolis.  With the shear number of construction projects slated to begin construction in early 2019 (most notably the “Eleven”, “Alia”, and “Gateway” towers), this view is bound to change.

After Hours


The western end of the Minneapolis CBD on a cool, damp, eerie, foggy work-night at approximately 2am.  The major office buildings and condo towers of downtown shut off most of their decorative exterior display lights after midnight, leaving the streets as the primary source of light.

“Storybook” House

83FDF5E3-E6B5-4CA3-9BD9-95A52862C260A classic Queen-Anne  (industrial era) sits perched on its lot, gently settled into its place on the block. This particular block off of Hague Ave in Saint Paul lies very near the southern edge of the historic Rondo Neighborhood, which was decimated by the construction of Interstate 94.

Industrial Conversions

268657DD-48E7-46AC-B8BB-44DEB68B58B5Industrial-era warehouse-type buildings line an oddly-empty street near the edge of Lowertown, Saint Paul.  The buildings, as in much of Saint Paul and the core of Minneapolis, have been converted into urban lofts fetching higher prices than much of the city surrounding this area.

Government Plaza & Downtown

41CBABC6-41A0-44D4-A5D5-EF04F3C01827The view looking southwest near the western end of MetroTransit’s Green Line LRT is starkly different than views along the rest of the line to the east towards Saint Paul.  As part of the Minneapolis CBD, Government Plaza Station is lined by a corridor of skyscrapers and office buildings, with cranes and development lining the remaining of Minneapolis’ portion of the route in either direction.  This stands in contrast to the rail running through much of Saint Paul.  In the foreground is the block opposite the station, hosting smaller of two US Bank office towers (1980s), and in the back-left lies Capella Tower (1990s), host to a private for-profit university and the Star Tribune.

Cray Cray

C293D730-6A04-4F27-BB57-D03825B21B70Cray Plaza, formerly Galtier Towers, rises behind Mears Park in Lowertown Saint Paul. The towers are the striking backdrop to an otherwise much older neighborhood of brick, stone, and surprising levels of quiet.  However, there is an imposter. Built to resemble the industrial aesthetic of the neighborhood, the red brick building at far left houses recently-constructed lofts.