Development along the Midtown Greenway

DSC_0712This row of almost identical apartment complexes sprung up along the Greenway close to Uptown. I found it very interesting to see these new apartment condos all popping up recently in the last few years. I guess the city’s effort to reinvest in the area has paid off with some very identical looking apartments.

Witch’s Hat Tower

DSC_0694Witch’s Hat Tower, also known as the Prospect Park Water Tower, is one of the most prominent landmarks in the Prospect Park neighborhood. It is also located at the highest point in altitude in the city of Minneapolis and offers great views of the city from the park below. What is the purpose of this uncanny tower? It seems even more eerie, surrounded by the dead trees of winter.

Old Meets New.2

DSC_0706This photo captures a somewhat obscured view of nearby downtown Minneapolis, with lots of brand new, shiny, glass skyscrapers in the background. In the foreground is an abandoned apartment building in the Phillips neighborhood, one which has experienced some decay. The old building represents the disinvestment which has occurred in the neighborhood, while the skyline shows the reinvestment occurring in recent decades. We guess this area may have a high likelihood of being gentrified.

Irvine Park Queen Anne


This old Victorian home is located just off of Irvine Park. A testament to the wealth and prominence of this neighborhood when it was first constructed, this home has been well maintained. A symbol of wealth, the ideologies of capitalism and how it has changed and shaped the architecture of homes depending on class and historic period.

Preserved Brick Interior


This wall, made of the original preserved brick and showcased by the addition of the light, is located inside of the C&E Lofts Building on University Avenue. This building receives historic tax credits for having preserved certain elements of the ex-furniture factory and warehouse as it transitioned into a loft and apartment building.

Lowertown Façade


This reflective view shows the front façade of the old part of the Galtier Plaza building in Lowertown, St. Paul. This building was gutted and renovated completely on the inside, but the renovators preserved the original façade, to maintain the commodified old charm of the old industrial district as it moves to serve newer functions.