Tower and Flag

You can think of the flag as symbolic if you'd like. There are lots of ways to interpret this. I mostly wanted to capture and photo of landscape as aesthetic. it's not the last one I took.

This is an ~artsy~ shot of the tower near Prospect Park. There’s a flag in the foreground because this tower is in America. I thought that this part of the tour really changed my perception of the landscape around University. The roads start to get curvy and it suddenly becomes quiet. Wonder why that is.

Everybody Loves Raymond

An apartment building on Raymond Avenue and University, where people live.

This building, right by Raymond Avenue, didn’t seem too special when I walked by it the first time, and it really isn’t that special. However, compared to the neighborhood that were led into next, the shift from high-rise apartment to cute little twisty-turny neighborhood was a bit of a shocking change.

Chain Link Fence

This was taken as part of my observation for project 2, but I also find it relevant for project 3.

Looking back on Varna and Tiesdell, this chain link fence represents the heavy presence of security around this privately owned space, which contributes to the non-public feeling exuded by this building (1222 University Avenue).

Just a Good Will


William Feeney was not harmed in the production of this post.

William Feeney stares across the asphalt barrier, split by the Green Line, towards the Good Will store located on the other side. He thinks to himself “what does this establishment tell me about the socioeconomic statuses of the people who choose to call this place home?”, and “what am I going to do with all the lentils that I have stuffed in this small backpack?” Good questions, Will.

Shadows of Industrial Giants

These shadows in the picture represent the shadow of industry that this building now is, although the actual shadows are me and @2organic4u.

This was taken right outside 1222 University (which I reported on before it was cool). The symbolism here is pretty hollow; it used to be a pretty productive building until the economic climate changed and left this building to rot indefinitely at University and Griggs. Kind of a sad story.

Landscape as a e s t h e t i c

The adjacent park was also very pleasant. I guess this is why St. Paul is the most #Romantic city there is.

I’d like to use this picture as an excuse to post out of mostly aesthetic value. Such nice colors and such nice weather made a walk through the city very pleasant. Here I stand, in front of the historic Alexander Ramsey House. It has historical significance in that it is a victorian house. That tells us about the era of development, but I still am viewing this landscape as aesthetic– just walking through the neighborhood was a very emotionally exciting endeavor, and I think these kinds of experiences are important when walking the city.