Macalester-Groveland Past, Present, Future



I was unable to attend the field trip to the Mill City Museum, so instead I took some pictures from around Macalester’s campus that I felt represented the past, present, and future of the area.


I took this picture of the Nice Ride station on Grand Avenue to represent the future because it is possible that the Twin Cities will move to more bicycle infrastructure in the future. It may become necessary to transition to more sustainable modes of transportation as the reality of climate change becomes more evident.


The “A Line” that was recently added to Snelling as a new type of rapid bus transportation is a representation of the present near Macalester’s community. It provides much quicker transportation than a typical bus because passengers pay prior to entering and the bus stops less. This represents where the Twin Cities is currently when in comes to updating and improving public transportation.


Old Main represents a time in the Macalester Groveland community prior to the popular use of automobiles and near the beginning of the streetcar era. Its era is evident in the limestone foundation and the ornate decorations. It was created at a time when transportation in the Twin Cities was much different than it is today.