Complicating the familiar


While I often visit the Midtown Global Market for food-related errands, it wasn’t until recently that I got off the 21 bus several blocks before the designated stop, and noticed the many programs for low-income community members the nearby area has. This is a sign outside a resource centre about two blocks away from the building. While the Market is a great resource for Lake Street, it is certainly a very sanitized experience that does not necessarily reflect many important realities of the community.

Breaking the Bank


While it’s been stated that no taxpayer money is being spent on the project, the ongoing repairs of the US Bank Stadium’s exterior clearly reflect a significant lapse in planning. It is said that “about 10 percent of the stadium’s zinc panels needed removing”. 



This is a restaurant next to the City Hall I passed by while walking down to the river. It advertises “Modern American Cuisine & Bar”. The bridge opposite to it is punctuated with dozens of American flags, and the pole of the flag next to the City Hall can be observed in the reflection.

Wild Garden

Native Garden

A friendly faux-heron overlooks a lush front yard on 2108 Niles Ave, that harbors many seasonal and native plants. While it initially seemed untamed, the patterns and placement of plants along with decorations suggest that much care has been taken to bring the garden in its current state. This regard for front-yards seemed to be shared by many other homeowners on the street.