Outliers of the Edgecumbe Surrounding

WeChat Image_20181002211945

The white building in the image above has a hipped roof and tall free-standing columns in addition to its full-height porches. These features show its architectural style to be Early Classical Revival, which should belong to a time frame from 1780 to 1830. However, it turned out this building was built under the instruction by Clarence H. Johnston Sr. in 1928. The features of the house are quite an outlier comparing to its time.

WeChat Image_20181002211926

The yellow house shown in the graph is also an outlier. Its hipped roof and columned porch indicate it is more like a Greek Revival style, dating from 1820 to 1860. However, in reality, it was constructed in 1926. The only building existed when the whole area was planned in 1928. For this particular building, there are two balconies built later on the sides, and another garage expansion on the left. The conjunction material in the walls, though covered in paints, is still recognizable. The house owner refused my request to ask some quick questions. Still, the garage expansion indicates that by the time the house was built, the garage was not yet a consideration, meaning this house was either in the early stage of the recreational auto era or in the streetcar era, or later updates changed the location of the garage for some reasons.

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