MCM Past, Present and Now.


In the past, during the age of railways, trains were the primary method of transportation for heavy cargos. That was what shaped the landscape and city distribution of Minneapolis back in the mid-1800s. Now, concrete has covered the trace of these old rail tracts, but the metal interface is still visible until today at some part in the city.


Modernism design is what shaped Minneapolis significantly today. With minimum decoration (the building on the left-hand side), large window and rectangular building blocks, modernism architecture has defined most of the latest constructed Minneapolis areas, with some blend in with postmodernism and colonial revival, which was the leftover of late 19th century.


The US Bank Stadium was opened in 2016. And there are still a few more stadium being constructed in the Twin City, like the Minneapolis United Stadium. These stadiums are no longer just for sport events like decades ago. Now, they also host shows and other forms of public entertainment. With the trend of public entertainment, we should see more of them emerge in the Twin City in the next decade, and the existing ones will be more effectively used gradually as this city evolves.


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