Minnesotans’ Strange RelationShip with U.S. Bank Stadium


Having heard the opinions of many Minnesotans on U.S. Bank Stadium, I find it fascinating that by far the most common complaint about the building is that it allegedly fits in terribly with the Minneapolis skyline. To be sure, many Minnesotans like the stadium, and many more despise it because they consider the venue a waste of money. Yet the predominant complaint is not around the stadium being an unworthy investment—it has to do with U.S. Bank’s prominence in the skyline. I have noticed a similar trend in Seattle, Washington. Many Seattleites I have talked to dislike Amazon primarily due to the impact the company’s construction has had on changing the physical landscape of the city, rather than because Amazon’s rapid growth has quickly gentrified Seattle. While these are generalizations, reactions to construction in the Twin Cities and Seattle demonstrate just how meaningful physical landscapes—and skylines in particular—are to city residents.

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