Nicollet Mall’s Plaza

IMG_1625This is one of the few encountering places I’ve seen during the field project. I found it interesting because it features some of the most important characteristics that make a plaza attractive:

First, people sit where they can, and there are plenty of benches there. You can even sit near the water, which leads me to my second point.

Second, people like seeing water and being able to touch it. Here the water is very accessible and kids could even go under the « waterfall » for fun (I don’t know if it’s allowed but if they want to they could do it).

Third, people like it when there is food nearby, and we can see there is a Bogart’s Doughnut Co.

And finally, people are attracted by other people. Therefore, people are going to sit where there are other people around. And because this is a big mall, there is a constant flow of people entering the mall, leaving the mall, and going from one shop to another.

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