Important updates for the social landscape

Hey all,

As we traverse the “social landscape” portion of the class, it’s important to examine how the social landscape is ever-changing here in Minnesota, and the rest of the country. Noting this, I have listed a few important popular press articles below that detail current events that have had (and will continue to have) profound influences on the social landscape of cities.

The shootings of Jamar Clark in Minneapolis last year, and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights this past summer, have highlighted the importance of addressing racial inequalities and contestations in urban Minnesota. This article, by MPR, outlines some of the historical conflicts between Minneapolis’ African American population, and police presence, culminating in the shooting of Jamar Clark.  A Politico article from earlier this summer, addresses a piece we have already read: The Miracle of Minneapolis. It outlines some urbanization processes, such as housing, that have culminated in some of the narratives surrounding the Philando Castile shooting. These go well with our “Making of Ferguson” lectures/readings.

Not in Minnesota, but another important, and unfortunate event, from earlier this summer was the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando. This City Lab article articulates how this shooting will influence the social landscape in terms of understandings of public space in contemporary cities, and in particular with LGBTQ spaces.

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