St. Paul—Past, Present, and Future


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Past: On the side of the new Whole Foods is this mural. It shows remnants of eras we have discussed in class, with a drawing of a street car, and an old car. There is also an accidental parallel that I like in this photo—in the mural, there is an etching of an adult walking with a child, and here we also have an adult walking with children.


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Present: This picture reflects something happening in St. Paul right now. This Whole Foods opened in March 2016, and it is extensive. For many of the surrounding homes, it is the most convenient place to shop for food. The apartment building on top of it has also recently opened. There is a sign at the top of the building that reads, “APARTMENTS AVAILABLE”, with a number to call.


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Future: This is Family Tree Clinic, a clinic that is focused on providing affordable healthcare to all people. They are an extremely inclusive space, and inside, there are signs on the walls stating that people of all identities are welcome and safe there. The clinic does sex ed in the twin cities, and mostly provides sexual health care, although they are expanding to offer more services. A year and a half ago, the clinic began offering the trans hormone—there is a long wait list, and people have been coming from other states for that treatment. The clinic, I think, is an example of what St. Paul’s future could be—a continuously inclusive space for minoritized people.

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