Minneapolis: Past, Present, and Possibilities Ahead


PAST: A look at the shell of the Washburn A Mill. As we’ve discussed building materials in class, the stone here reminds me of the building’s old age. The sheer size of the wall and the shadows of arches over the windows hearken back to a time when industry was exciting, even grandiose, in Minneapolis.


PRESENT: A walking/biking trail in Mill Ruins Park. Today, we may no longer use these train tracks for their original purpose, but we use them in a new, creative way: as curbs. This way, the tracks can be useful while still subtly paying homage to the train’s importance in the heyday of the Minneapolis mills.


FUTURE: The Guthrie’s “bridge” structure could be a sign of the way that we will depict history in a future Minneapolis. Could it be that we will only preserve history in an abstract sense, using symbolic modern architecture? Will directly preserving the past (like the first photo I shared) or indirectly preserving the past (like the second photo I shared) fall to the wayside in favor of this stylish symbolism?

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